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Reskilling, Upskilling, and Flexible Development Opportunities

ezyhire, our global employment platform for payroll, benefits, compliance, and everything-you-need-to-employ-people-all-over-the-world product is live now. We’ve been working on this for nearly a year, and we’re finally ready to offer our services in the USA and India.

A company can hire pre-vetted, pre-qualified resources with 100+ skills in as little as 3-5 days with EzyHire.

By offering high-quality jobs with leading companies, we democratize employment opportunities for talent from the USA and India.

Hiring someone from a foreign country involves lots of legal complexities. In most cases, it requires a local entity to hire a full-time employee in another country, and as an employer, you are bound by various labor laws. We solve all the problems mentioned above and make your hiring process simpler and more efficient. When you partner with us, your new employees are hired locally and contracted for your projects. Payroll, taxes, benefits, and anything else that comes with employing someone in that country are all taken care of by us. 

Over a million resources in India are sourced, vetted, matched, and managed by our Intelligent Talent Cloud. Consequently, organizations are able to build their dream team within a few days, thus saving valuable time and resources.

Our service is completely our responsibility and no third party is involved in it. As a result, we are far more adaptable, quicker, and less expensive than our competitors. On top of that, we offer a really attractive interface that allows everyone to quickly check, approve, and update payroll, payslips (if you’re the one receiving them), and any other personal information.

If you wish to utilize ezyhire, you can now talk to our experts today!

In India, Ezhire has businesses that function as employers for your employees. When you join us, you agree to a contract with ezyhire that entitles us to hire one or more people for you. Employees hired through ezyhire will sign a standard employment contract with us outlining their rights and responsibilities. This is a local contract, so they’ll have local rights. It also includes an agreement on intellectual property and inventions.


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