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Verify Candidate Availability with Unparalleled Ease

Finding the right candidate for the job is only half the battle – ensuring they’re ready and available is where the real challenge begins. For staffing companies inundated with extensive resume databases yet grappling with the uncertainty of candidate availability, EzyConfirm is your ultimate solution. We’ve meticulously crafted this powerful tool to seamlessly evaluate and confirm candidate availability, turning uncertainties into confirmed opportunities.

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Why Choose EzyConfirm?

AI-Powered Social Media Analysis

Rather than direct outreach, EzyConfirm innovatively employs machine learning algorithms to analyze candidates’ Social Media profiles and other signals. We evaluate a myriad of factors, delivering insights into candidate availability with precision and speed.

Automated Communication

Our EzyHire platform automates communication via email, text, and WhatsApp. With our patented algorithm, rest assured in the accuracy and efficiency of candidate availability confirmation.

Real-Time Insights

With EzyConfirm, access a user-friendly dashboard showcasing live data, allowing swift, informed decision-making.

Unlock the Potential of Your Resume Database

Every staffing firm possesses a treasure trove of resumes, but the challenge lies in ascertaining candidate availability. EzyConfirm is engineered for this exact need, transforming your extensive resume database into a rich, actionable resource.


AI-Driven Social Media Evaluation

EzyConfirm utilizes machine learning to scrutinize Social Media profiles, assessing various signals to accurately gauge candidate availability.

Patented Communication Algorithm

EzyHire platform automates and optimizes email, text, and WhatsApp communications, ensuring efficient and accurate availability confirmation.

Real-Time Analytics

Instant insights and comprehensive overviews of candidate statuses, accessible via an intuitive interface.


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1000 Availability Check

1000 Identify Who is Hiring

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