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What are the global workforce’s hopes and fears for 2023?

With so many emerging technologies, we are approaching 2023. It will be an exciting and challenging year for the global workforce. Here, we are talking about the hopes and fears of the worldwide workforce regarding 2023. Let’s talk in more detail.

How did things change after COVID?

Since COVID hit the world, every single person has changed more or less. So as companies and corporations, employees, and their working lifestyles. Every employee was forced to work from home or remotely during the pandemic.

Before the pandemic, no one ever imagined the culture of remote work. Hence, it has been seen that workforce trends have changed since then. When the companies started calling workers back to their offices, their priorities shifted to different things.

Even today, workforce trends are continually changing, and workers want better care from their organizations. That is why the great resignation happened.

 “the great resignation” and the impacts

At the beginning of 2021, people worldwide started to resign from their jobs in mass. This movement of resignation was named the Great Resignation. This has heavily impacted everything and changed wages and daily working conditions.

You cannot imagine the results that were found!

Reports say that 71% of people want to switch jobs to gain a promotion or raise. Moreover, about 20% of the workers plan to quit their jobs in the coming year.

That is insane!

In 2023, the global workforce has both hopes and fears.

Many people learned to survive independently when they were at home. Most people want to avoid going back to their earlier jobs because of the fewer facilities and lower wages. Because of this, businesses like restaurants are finding it hard to find employees.

In the future, we might also see people taking better care of their mental health than ever before. Two years of social distancing taught everyone how important it is to take care of their mental health. As a result, people will place less emphasis on things that are unimportant to their work/life balance.

There are so many things that leaders of emerging companies must be aware of regarding the workforce trend. These things help to create a better bond between the employees and their organization. This can be done when you understand what a worker needs and the trends that might come up in the future.

1. We want “Remote Work!”

In the coming year, 25% of all roles are expected to be remote. According to a recent study, before the pandemic, only 4% of the jobs were remotely accessible.

People working remotely during the pandemic found that they were more productive and had more potential if they worked from home or remotely. Thus, they don’t want to go back to the office.

In the coming year, working at home will become a trend. As most employees have to travel to their offices, working from home is more convenient for them. Hence, more savings!


The catch is to give your employees freedom if your organization can afford it, and an employee with a free mind can do their work more creatively.

2. Experience over education

It is obvious that organizations are hiring experienced people who can do their job efficiently. However, the batches that recently completed their education were not hired. This is why there is such a huge labor shortage.

The ideal candidate for the company’s role might be someone who has been in the industry and knows the ins and outs so that things can go smoothly, instead of only having bookish knowledge.


You might be expecting a person with good experience. But that could be hard to find with fewer expectations. Thus, you might have to figure out a way to train newbies.

3. Flexible Schedules

Organizations and employees are dependent on each other. As a result, in order to keep your organization alive with employees, you must allow for flexibility.

Everyone wants to stay close to their family after the pandemic hits. Everyone wants the freedom to work from anywhere. Adopting a remote working culture is an excellent way to retain your employees.

If you cannot afford a remote culture, make the task schedules and shift periods more flexible.


Communicate more with your employees, connect, and understand their problems. Please take action to relieve them.

4. company’s environment matters

Work-life balance and a supportive workplace culture are what today’s young employee seeks. You might have heard that employees do not stress much about leaving their jobs, especially when their bosses and coworkers are not supportive. This may be the workforce trend that both employees and business owners must be aware of.

It has been seen that when there is a positive company culture, it benefits both the company and its employees, as employees tend to stay for the long haul in their companies. It reduces the company’s expenses for hiring and training new employees. Also, productivity increases simultaneously when an employee finds an improved work culture.

Creating a more positive company culture benefits companies as well. They wind up with loyal employees. Churn rates drop, and since it costs companies money to recruit and train new workers, the business saves money. Productivity often rises with enhanced company culture.


An organization with a strong culture wins in the long run.

5. Make machines your friends.

More businesses are using computers to automate certain operations as machines become more sophisticated. Anything repetitive is likely to result in automation and the loss of staff members. For instance, local fast-food restaurants now collect orders via kiosks.

How can your business hire workers and offer them a salary while filling the labor shortage? Automate the tedious tasks, so your staff can find new clients and develop innovative concepts.

Takeaway :

Despite the rise of automation and machines, it will still be


Things have changed in the world of corporate jobs and working culture. There are new trends of working that every company and employee must understand. For that, we shed some light on what might a global workforce hope and fear in the coming year.

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